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The next 10 years, China's medical device market will continue to show rapid growth trend
Published:2017/1/15 15:51:29    Read:639 Times    Source: JiangYin PureMED
With the progress of science and technology, medical behavior is out of the hospital, turn into the Internet family, so that modern medical habits and medical equipment market is facing a huge change. In recent years, China's GDP growth rate has remained above 9%, while the growth rate of the medical device industry is about GDP times the growth rate of the, the medical device industry is growing into one of the most attractive markets.

Industry analysts pointed out that the pace of drift, the global home appliance market size will be $14 billion 600 million in 2011 to grow to $16 billion 700 million in 2013, the annual growth rate (CAGR) will reach 6.8%. The auxiliary complex ship treatment device, monitoring / sensor and telemetry device, a household electronic medical market is big, light to see blood sugar measuring instrument in 2011 7 billion dollar, while 2013 will grow to $8 billion 900 million; while the household medical device is healthy, the estimated growth of 25% will have more broad market prospects in the domestic medical equipment industry to bring development opportunities at the same time, the gold rush on like a swarm of hornets it could escalate competition in the industry. The price of home medical equipment is only about 1000 yuan, can be used for 10 to 20 years, can greatly reduce the cost of medicine.

Home medical equipment for the miniaturization of instruments used in hospitals and innovation, set in one of the various treatment methods, use of a machine, a non-invasive treatment, a safe and effective Wudu, side effects, intelligent control makes operation more simple, easy to use, light and beautiful, like the the hospital moved back to their home, so much family welcome.

The survey shows that about 70% of small medical devices have a family version, the average household has 1 ~ 2 (Taiwan) household medical equipment. At present, the domestic household medical device enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, the scale of these three enterprises accounted for more than 50% of the size of enterprises.

A floating Advisory released "2014-2018 Chinese home medical equipment industry research and outlook forecast report pointed out:" the depth of overall, home medical equipment market Chinese to a certain extent is a sleepy market, a huge market share it has hundreds of billions, who can participate in waking up to the market, who will gain immeasurable return. But the market will be four from the edge.

China's medical device market has become the world's third largest market after the United States and Japan, the annual growth rate of the industry in the range of 14% ~ 15%. The next 10 years, China's medical device market will continue to show rapid growth trend. In addition, with the strengthening of consumer health awareness, the demand for home appliances will continue to rise.
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