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Digital medical investment will reach $6 billion 500 million in 2017
Published:2017/1/15 15:40:06    Read:2206 Times    Source: JiangYin PureMED
According to a recent report by consulting firm Accenture, the global digital medical investment scale of soy sauce increased to $6 billion 500 million in 2014 to $3 billion 500 million in 2017. Last year the number of digital medical investment is $2 billion 800 million.

Patel said in a statement, Dipak, managing director of the Accenture project, said: "digitization plays an important role in health care, will change the social, change consumer expectations and ultimately improve health. The growth momentum will continue if digital healthcare companies create seamless patient experience and ultimately save healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes."

All projections are based on data from 2008 to 2013 of the 2000 digital medical companies. During this period, the total number of digital medical investments was $10 billion 200 million.

The largest investment is the company's investment in infrastructure such as interoperability and health analysis for $2 billion 900 million. Accenture said the company has received $26 in investment in the issuance of wearable devices and incentive programs. Telemedicine services raised a total of $2 billion 600 million, remote monitoring of patients received an investment of $2 billion 100 million.

Other investment reports also show rapid growth in digital health care. According to Acceletator Roak Health reported in the first half of 2014, digital medical investment reached $2 billion 300 million. The report includes 143 digital medical companies, these companies have raised more than $2 million in the first six months.
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