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Natural antibacterial technique of surgical gown
Published:2017/1/15 15:50:31    Read:2082 Times    Source: JiangYin PureMED
Natural antimicrobial agents do not belong to chemical products, is extracted from natural foods or plants or directly used in the production and use of the process, the environment generally do not produce pollution and good biocompatibility, and thus favored. But its disadvantages are also very significant: 160 a 180 C began to carbonation decomposition, so that the scope of application is very limited. The application can be achieved by coating processing or using padding method and fixing agent with the use of the micro capsule combined with surgery in the clothes. For anti-bacterial microcapsule, usually by changing composition and thickness of wall material, to control the release rate of microcapsule antibacterial agent, prolong the service time. At present, one of the major methods to use natural antiseptic treatment of fabrics is micro capsule technology, the technology is one kind or several kinds of natural antibacterial extract active ingredients wrapped in the microcapsule, and then fixed on the fibers of the fabric, the fabric of health care.

Some fibers in the capsule and skin contact friction on the burst open, send out antibacterial substances. Display the function of health care.

Natural antibacterial agent extract mainly from natural substances, such as chitosan from natural shells, shells of crab and shrimp, insects and other animal bones and shells to take a very hard sector.
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