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Knowledge of surgical procedures: Disinfection Methods in operation room
Published:2017/1/15 15:55:57    Read:2197 Times    Source: JiangYin PureMED
All preparations for the operation are performed in the preparation room, and then into the operating room.

A lot of operation room air disinfection methods are the most commonly used ultraviolet disinfection, disinfection of peracetic acid, ethane, methanol disinfection disinfection epoxy method, lactic acid disinfection etc. at present, there is a prerequisite for the use of air purification device has to take the operation room. In this need to be exaggerated, even if the air purification operation room is also the best surgical preparation room. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model can cause pollution to the air in the operation room, and affects the health of the patients and the staff of the operation room. The use of air pollution of the chemical disinfectants. Preparation of disinfectant concentration can not be too high, the chemical disinfection disinfection for centralized storage of Jing; Liu to seal the container. It should cause seriously, do the following: 1. To realize progress antifouling harm with pollution. 2 improve the operation room to ventilate the premise. 3 strengthen governance. Along with the wide application of chemical disinfectants in operation room. To keep the operating order. Ask clarity has an important role to prevent wound infection.
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