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New technique of surgical gown: non woven fabric
Published:2017/1/15 15:56:26    Read:2311 Times    Source: JiangYin PureMED
Conservative surgical gown, after the surgery must be kept clean and disinfect, very troublesome, a little attention, easily causes the rest bacteria infection. With low melting point and high melting point fiber fiber as raw materials for the synthesis of the hot melt type nonwoven production process, through carding, web forming, hot forming, joint strip and roll processing, the production process, this process is compared with the conventional dry as can improve the working efficiency more than two times.

Recently, because of the rise of non-woven fabric, its cost is low, people with this side made surgical gown, once can be discarded, which is sanitary and labor-saving and time-saving, is welcomed by doctors and patients. First, an ideal medical data. This dress is also used as a gown and adapted for other industries with disposable overalls.

A member of the ultra-thin non-woven fabric "of this family, as thin as wonderful, as white as cotton, with moisture, breathable, non-toxic, light, soft texture etc.. With proper strength, softness, good moisture permeability and water diffusion, can effectively resist bacterial penetration and liquid pollution, and can effectively control pollution, prevent cross infection, reduce dust and hairiness off, clean operating environment, easy to use, easy storage, and these strengths is conservative cotton fabric and dry glue as textile sanitary materials.
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